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The Onion Junktion

Peeling Away the Layers



update 1 is live for the site! as you can tell there's been quite a few improvements here and there...


Howdy stranger! The site's still in beta phase right now so there's a few bugs here and there we're trying to fix round the clock. don't worry though, official launch is just around the corner. You can take a look around though and don't forget to check out our wattpad if you're desperate to read some sweet webnovels right now!


Latest Books

The Solitary Sword Sovereign

Fantasy, Adventure, Survival, Xuanhuan, Qihuan, Action, RPG, Magic, Martial Arts, Gods, Post Apocalyptic, Cultivation, Comedy, Xianxia

Chapter 4 : The Goddess of Retribution

One day, humanity was divided into classes and was given abilities. These people gained various levels of strengths and powers. Mysterious structures called dungeons came into being all over the world. The world changed. Demons escaped from the dungeons and attacked mankind. Mankind set out to destroy these dungeons and was faced with many challenges and encountered many dangers. Those who conquered the dungeons and demons were rewarded with extreme power. 16 year old Will Chamberlain was granted the class of Water Meister. He could freely control water. This ability was more than what meets the eye. Will decided to enter a dungeon. His true aim was immortality. With his power over water, his weapon of choice- a katana, and the key of walking the path of martial arts, he took on his destiny to conquer the Dao of the sword in this game of a world. Follow Will as he fights to establish an empire in this world plagued by demons and unknown forces that threaten mankind. “I will not be controlled by this world, I shall be the Sovereign!
The Dao of Eros

Xianxia, Comedy, Erotic, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan

Chapter 15 : Leaving Di's House

Power, glory, happiness, revenge, love, lust, knowledge... Everyone has desires. What do you want more than anything else? What would you sacrifice to achieve your goals? How strong must you become before you are satisfied? Levi Ares was just another random virgin on Earth, when he was mercilessly cut down at the age of twenty. However, it turns out that death isn't really the end. Thrust into a brand new and magical world, the reincarnated loser must embrace his true destiny! To become a Shaman! Able to form bonds with creepy ghosts and demented hellish ethereal monstrosities, he must abuse his overpowered Innate Talent in order to cultivate fast enough to become an Immortal or whatever... *** Copyright © Mike777ac 2016 This novel and all of its contents were written entirely by its author, Mike777ac. It is an original product, and any attempt to plagiarize or steal concepts or ideas from it, shall be considered copyright infringement. Many of the concepts and ideas have been inspired by other works, and similar genres. However, all characters are created and owned by the author. (Warning: This story includes profanity, numbers, humanity, nudity, uncomfortable realism in a fantasy-world, awkward but mild sexual-content, descriptive violence and gore, bizarre and disturbing sexual-content, offensive language, Xianxia, martial arts, plus all of the other things that disclaimers usually have to tell you about. Do not read this if you dislike transportation, virtual reality, fantasy, or other similar genres... or me, because I'm the author.)
Titan's Throne

Adventure,Magic, Martial arts, Mystery, Romance, Strategy, Survival, War, Xianxia

Chapter 12 : Gaining An Army!

30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a world different from Earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old abandoned boy of noble birth. Bastian was at a loss. This new body also had a dragon looking tattoo on his chest. When he touched it something strange occurred. A powerful voice resounded in his mind, “To the owner of the Titan's Mark be warned. You shall bear great power but you also bear a curse. Anyone who bears this mark is a child of I, the Great Ambevilius. Emperor of all that is under the heavens. If slay or subdue 1000 mark bearers, you shall become a successor of mine. This is not a destiny you can escape, so fight in the name of my glory!" At this moment the memories belonging to this body merged with his own. This was the Sovereign Continent; a place where cultivation is everything, a place with many wonders, a place where only the strong are just! Bastian then began his long and arduous journey...to earn the right to sit on the Titans Throne!
Immortal Ascension Tower

Xuanhuan/Xianxia, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Martial Arts, Cultivation, Godhood, Romance.

Chapter 44 : Book 1: Reborn - Third Arc: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Prologue

*** Setting *** After hundreds of years, candidates to the legendary Title of Twin stars finally appear in the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect. However, few people can tell whether they will bring luck, misfortune or even catastrophe, as the clash between two hidden powers slowly unveils for the world to see... A thousand years ago, a man at the peak of existence, the Evil Saint, along with his companions challenged the might of the Nine Heavens of Tian and fought the Tyrant of the Heavens, Lord Tian himself! After the Evil Saint died in battle, his companions dispersed throughout the countless planes of existence and laid low, licking their wounds and not daring to openly challenge the heavens again... Now, a full thousand years later, there are once again signs that something big will happen! Mortal, Ageless and Immortal. The three big Realms of cultivation, furthermore divided into total of fifteen Stages. Many walk on the path of martial cultivation but few reach its end. A boy eight years old holds knowledge that many seek but none can obtain. Who is he really? What is his connection with the Evil Saint? Who and WHAT is the Mountain? *** Disclaimer *** Immortal Ascension Tower is an ORIGINAL Xianxia/Xuanhuan(Eastern Fantasy Novel). Epic Cover by Francis Blake/NeonBeat, feel free to check his profile out on DeviantArt! (http://ineonbeati.deviantart.com) Although I own the story, I am not an English native speaker so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might make while writing this web novel. Enjoy! ~ Cookie

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